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Hakuna Matata!

So Boyfriend and I enjoyed a three hour hike at the Pleasanton Foothill Park. We took a few essentials like: water, snacks, extra socks, and jackets. It was a beautiful hike! Pictures will be posted… the weather was great; not … Continue reading

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60-100mph test… in 3.70 seconds

Holy Horses! I have a DashDaq and did a speed test starting at 60MPH to 100MPH in 3.70seconds. Oh and I only had it in fourth gear! This car is a beast that I will train! Weight is a huge … Continue reading

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A whirl wind of events…

What a whirl wind of events… so to recap a little I started school, I’ve been a busy bee at work. So my blog posting kind of slowed but I am back and ready to tell it all… School is … Continue reading

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Ultimate Banana Bread

A long long time ago, in a carb-free galaxy far far away… there was one pigtailed girl determined to fine a delicious way to make the ultimate healthy banana bread. With the help of an alliance, Awesome Boyfriend, Girl in … Continue reading

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P90X, P90X, P90…X!

When you hear the word P90X most people respond with, “What is that?” For those in the know, you might cringe a little inside, and/or expressively give a nod of acknowledgement. Mr. Tony Horton takes you through a life changing … Continue reading

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Birds, Cows, and flies’… Oh My!

So another adventure that I would love to share, are the awesome hikes. P90X is not just an hour a day Monday thru Friday. It is about 3 hours a day 6 days out of the week. So, normal people … Continue reading

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