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Officially Graduated!

I received my grades today which means I have finished my Bachelor’s degree in business administration! I am so excited and ready for my next mission… Masters Degree. This will take me one more year. I have so many opportunities … Continue reading

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On the 24th day of Christmas…

Mr . Awesome Boyfriend and I made homemade cookies and fudge.  I told him after Thanksgiving that I wanted to make fudge and cookies for our friends. It was a tradition passes from my grandpa who was a master cookie … Continue reading

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On the 16th day of Christmas…

Birdy girl got a friend! Well, we got him a few months ago but I wanted to make sure birdy girl liked him enough to stay. He is pretty as a camp fire. We got him at the same petshop … Continue reading

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You can take the Science out the girl but you can’t take Girl in Pigtails out of Science!

On History Channel 2 there is an amazing show called Big History. They have a new concept that history is not just a liner line of events that effect the human race. History is a web of events that connects … Continue reading

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Tis the Season!

This time of year is amazing. It make you think of what is important in your life. I am so blessed to have a wonderful job that brings pleasure to people. I am almost done with my Bachelor’s degree (Dec.24th … Continue reading

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On the second day of Christmas…

Happy Holidays from your friendly Danville Safeway Starbucks!

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On the first day of December…

I was able to enjoy my tree! [Singing Voice] So, last year I made it my mission to create a beautiful Christmas tree for under $75. It was a huge success! This year money wasn’t a concern and I just … Continue reading

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