About TheQue

If I had to describe my hubby with one word it would be strong… and this is my blog so no bias.

TheQue has always been a strong soul and takes to heart the Army way that failure is NOT an option. This mind set has attributed to his life successes. He has worked for the same company for 15 years and counting and his strong determination has seen him grow from a QA contractor to a VP of business development. His strong leadership skills always seem to find a way to shine in all his activities; work or fun.

His strong love of his family is unconditional. He is a great PapaBear to our little boy and what else can I say… I married my best friend. I cannot wait to see how the Army strong lessons get passed down to our little one.

It has been a few years now since TheQue became a Master Mason and now, has many leadership roles in the different bodies of the fraternity. This brotherhood bond has introduced us to many wonderful people that we now call, family. To Be One, Ask One…

Lastly, he is strong enough to deal with all my crazy hobbies and interests with full gusto! His OCD grants him the ability to research the most efficient way of doing a hobby which includes gear, technique, and strategy. These days, we are building a new community on Twitch and YouTube. We stream our adventures playing Star Citizen- the game to end ALL games! His in-game name is none other than… TheQue.

I will leave you with this thought:

A Guy Speaks

A Man Explains

A Gentleman Inspires

Stay Strong Gentleman!

-girl in pigtails
(PR rep for TheQue)

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