Star Citizen- The Game to End ALL Games…

Star Citizen (SC) is one of the most amazing games I have ever played! In essence… it’s a space sim that has a little bit of everything for whatever your heart desirers. To note, this PC game is still in development as of May 2020. To anyone new out there thinking of playing: First just realize (again) this is an alpha game and there will be bugs- don’t get frustrated (we all share your pain and eventually laugh at the content the bugs provide). Second, you will need to create an account, you can use my referral code for some extra in-game perks and I highly recommend also getting Squadron 42 which will be a single player mode that is going to be epic!

A lot of people ask, “what is there to do in SC”? Well, let me start with the modes of the game…

The Universe

Arena Commander

Star Marine

The easiest to describe is Star Marine. It is an in-universe dedicated to FPS (First Person Shooter). It’s like any other FPS game… you engage in battles on the ground and in zero-g, complete with multiple game modes and leader boards.

Arena Commander focuses on flight combat again with a few modes that you can play solo or with other players. The modes include free flight, dog-fighting and racing. This is a great way to test ship layouts and practice flying before you enter The Universe.

The Universe or verse as most like to call it, is the bread and butter of the game. I think Star Citizen said it best, “Imagine a universe that combines the freedom of exploration, the thrill of combat and the unique challenge of building a life in space.” You will ultimately be navigating through a mixture of procedurally generated and handcrafted worlds to interact with a variety of characters and players who have good or bad intensions.

Let’s talk about the “professions” of the game. In my opinion, you can be a miner, trader, racer, bounty hunter, Pirate, explorer, or the best damn delivery person. And there is a different ship suitable for each vocation. RSI has a great beginners tutorial and below is a list of the typical missions and contracts that you may see offered via the Contract Manager in game. This is not an exhaustive list. There may be different missions from what is listed here offered at various points in the game or new types added in the future.

Delivery – The player is tasked with picking up an item and delivering it to a specified location. This may or may not involve flying to a remote location by ship.

Maintenance– A request for assistance with some sort of issue at a location, such as “clean-up duty” to remove wreckage or waste.

Mercenary – Requests to go out and kill someone or several someones (or maybe even someTHING).

ECN Alert – Short for “Emergency Communication Network” Alert, these are distress calls from communications arrays, ships or people requesting assistance.

Service Beacon – Missions spawned from another player sending out a request for assistance.

Investigation – Requests to visit a location and gather info or data on specific objects.

Whatever you decide to do, just note that if you break the law… you will end up in the dreaded prison where you will serve your time or learn how to escape.

This game has so much content that cannot be completely explained here in this intro. Be sure to check out the latest news at the RSI website and check out our ongoing game play/review on Twitch Carbontails_GiP.

See you in the verse!