About the ‘Girl in Pigtails’

When I started this blog (all that time ago), I wanted a place to share my exciting life adventures. I was the spunky Starbucks kiosk manager at Safeway who wore pigtails and was given the nickname Girl in Pigtails. I was on a mission to finish school, begin some interesting hobbies and find a career path.

Today, I am proud to say that I received my MBA with honors, I married my best friend, I work for an amazing cyber company and have welcomed our first little one into the world.
A lot has changed over the years, and with that comes new perspective and new adventures. If you have followed along, our diet and exercise has always been a never-ending battle (especially after having a baby). Currently, we are trying to eat healthy home cooked meals and I have to say my cooking has improved nicely. But the balance continues, and I will always strive to live a healthy and delicious lifestyle.

My hobbies have always been eclectic but that is what makes me… me. I love learning new things and love even more that I can share my interests with my husband and son. For those of you reading, welcome to my life where we do Disney, diaper changes, video games, hiking, camping, weightlifting, car mods, Masonry, computer builds and everything in between. My hobbies and interests will inevitably lead to a ton of life adventures and spark a connection with those I meet a long the way. Those connections help build a growing network and a great community. Something I take to heart is a quote from Helen Keller- “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”.

I will continue to evolve into the strongest version of myself and will continue to use this media to record and share my life adventures. I also started a Twitch Channel Carbontails_GiP

come join the adventure!

I am Girl in Pigtails…

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