On the 24th day of Christmas…

Mr . Awesome Boyfriend and I made homemade cookies and fudge.  I told him after Thanksgiving that I wanted to make fudge and cookies for our friends. It was a tradition passes from my grandpa who was a master cookie maker. I knew of the basic recipe but Mr. Awesome Boyfriend found a unforgettable peanut butter chocolate fudge recipe and a traditional chocolate and nut. We decided to do our chocolate chip cookies with a twist. Semi Sweet chocolate and white chocolate with walnuts.  Yum and last but not least milk chocolate with butterscotch and pecans. Double yum!


These don’t just belong in a zip lock baggy… oh no, we got something special. Little book boxes from our local craft store.


Just place some tissue paper for absorbing any butter and it looks great!


Then, make a pretty little bow and voilà… tasty treats wrapped with love.

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    wow I want to eat 10 immediately merry eating r

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