On the first day of December…

I was able to enjoy my tree! [Singing Voice] So, last year I made it my mission to create a beautiful Christmas tree for under $75. It was a huge success! This year money wasn’t a concern and I just wanted a really pretty tree. To my surprise, our tree and decore was a total of $120. We got a 4-5ft real noble fur at Home Depot. Then, inside we were just going to get a stand but found the Martha Stewart collection of ornaments. We wanted a red and gold theme this year and found a great set that had different types of ornaments too! They also sell smelly sticks you can hang in the tree to keep it smelling fresh all month. The pine cones aren’t just for looks… they smell like Christmas! At Walmart, we got the tree skirt and wreath (for the door). Everything else we had from last year… the star topper and stockings. Well, we did get an official stocking for birdy boy.




Happy Christmas!

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