60-100mph test… in 3.70 seconds

Holy Horses! I have a DashDaq and did a speed test starting at 60MPH to 100MPH in 3.70seconds. Oh and I only had it in fourth gear! This car is a beast that I will train! Weight is a huge factor and can be the difference in seconds. I did this test a few times with Mr. Awesome Boyfriend and could only get about 4.1seconds. Then, he got out of the car and I snatched the 3.7seconds. So SWEET! I am still trying to get comfortable switching from 3rd to 4th gear and the right RPM’s. I am so nervous that I will switch to the gear of death… (which is going really fast and then switching to a low gear). I will get comfortable soon.


In the words of Rianna… “shut up and drive!”

girl in pigtails

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