Hakuna Matata!

So Boyfriend and I enjoyed a three hour hike at the Pleasanton Foothill Park. We took a few essentials like: water, snacks, extra socks, and jackets. It was a beautiful hike! Pictures will be posted… the weather was great; not too hot and slightly cloudy. We even stopped to watch a family of ground squirrels play. While watching the playing, Boyfriend decided to try and communicate to them by squeaking.  I laughed my butt off wondering if he was telling “yo mamma” jokes to the rodents.


But then, we where met with the sound off birds screaming… and the squirrels soon took refuge under ground. We didn’t think much off it and continued heading back to the car (which was still a few miles away). It was odd… the sound of screaming birds seemed to follow us. We where soon met with a biker, who was heading back down, and he looked as white as a ghost. “Did you guys see that big cat!?” I don’t think I have ever been so afraid of a question… The biker gave his warning and booked it!


I looked at boyfriend and with a kind smile and comforting words we continued walking to our car. When we where safely back, Boyfriend told me he had seen the “big cat” and it was in fact following us. I thought, “oh great a big cat was stalking me!” There is no restraining order for that situation… he assured me nothing would have happen. It turned out to look like a juvenile mountain lion or bob cat. The little tike was most likely curious and feeling brave. I will say our voices and laughter are quite contagious and our apples and nuts probably smelled interesting. I would like to say to little Simba next time roar “the circle of life song”, so I know not to be a scaredy cat. — Thank you!


   It’s the price to pay when you want to go out into nature… it might stalk you. Respect nature and realize the dangers, but don’t go looking for trouble.

Happy Hiking!

-Girl in Pigtails

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