Perfect Saturday!

So, Mr. Awesome Boyfriend surprised me with the Perfect Saturday. For starters, he let me sleep in without the annoying noise of an alarm, which would have been hit to snooze and/or off completely. Then, we had a delectable meal for lunch (yes, I slept in long enough for it to be lunch time). Safeway makes “homemade” soups from their Signature Cafe brand. All the soups are amazing and I will never go back to condensed soup. We had a pot roast soup with a sandwich. It was quiet filling and wonderful on a cool fall day. Boyfriend then, started packing a backpack full of extra clothing and told me to dress warmly. With a full backpack, and excitement in the air, we where out the door. Boyfriend lead me to the BART station, which is literally two blocks away from our place. He bought us two tickets and said, “We are going to walk and explore our own back yard!”.

Once on the train, he unfolded his masterful plan. It was about 3pm, and we where going to walk a route he found online from an interesting blogger. It included walking from AT&T park (which all you Giant fans might call home), along Embarcadero (overlooking the ocean sea side), and ending at Coit Tower for the sunset. On Boyfriend’s high tech phone, we fallowed the bloggers route, which included some historical information and some not so up-to-date comments. We started at 4th and King St. which, some baseball fans know as AT&T park -Home of the San Fran Giants! The stadium is huge and built beautifully; with iron statues freezing base ball history.


     IMAG0077     IMAG0074

We were a little distracted with a police blockade in the street. But, we soon discovered it was not the President of the USA but a high ranked military person. They were being driven very fast, to someplace important. We continued, as our bloggers told us, to walk behind the stadium and enjoy the view. I was amazed at how beautiful the harbor was on a fall Saturday. There were a lot of sail boats on the water getting ready to dock and settle down for the evening. Many people where out riding bikes, jogging and walking and enjoying the weather.

IMAG0308          IMAG0315         IMAG0307

Along Embarcadero, you will find many pieces of art work, street performers, and even military. At the pier, we found a military boat that was docked. With that came a lot of service men in uniform. They where enjoying having their land legs and real food again. A lot of the San Fran pier’s have been closed or converted into tourist destinations. We managed to stop at one with a bunch of little mom and pop businesses. This is where we decided to get a little snack for the road, and was parted with the image of good old Gandhi.

IMAG0323           IMAG0320

Crossing over Embarcadero to Lombard St. we eventually found the stairs to Coit Tower. Lucky for us, P90X got our butts in shape. Those stair where long and steep! Eventually we got there, and for $7 each adult, we got into an over-crowed elevator with a spunky Asian lady employee. At the top, it was about 6:40pm and it was the most beautiful view ever! It was 200ft above the ground and the sun was setting. San Francisco was ending it’s day. We managed to get back down to the lobby and check out the murals. It is funny to see some topics keep repeating themselves.

IMAG0084     IMAG0088     IMAG0092

It was getting darker and darker and we were defiantly hungry. Instead of using our cool phones, and finding an app for a good restaurant, we did it the old fashioned way. We asked a local! The kind security guard pointed us to a local hot spot… the mall at the Powell BART Station. Down in the hart of SF, the mall was hopping with all the locals. This is were we ending up eating really good Mexican food. Boyfriend and I split shrimp nachos and beef quesadillas. We also had yummy gelato for dessert. Never underestimate mall food!

IMAG0093          IMAG0094          IMAG0337

Heading back home, I had boyfriend holding my hand and I realized… it was the Perfect Saturday!

-Girl in Pigtails

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