A whirl wind of events…

What a whirl wind of events… so to recap a little I started school, I’ve been a busy bee at work. So my blog posting kind of slowed but I am back and ready to tell it all…

School is actually pretty awesome, yes I know… I’m a nerd (but proud of it!). I’m enrolled with Grantham University and what is neat about it is, it’s an online college. So every week I have assignments due but I can log on anytime, anywhere, anyplace. So it is really flexible with a part time working schedule. I’m taking Macroeconomic and Personal Finance. It’s interesting to see what you are learning play out in the real world. Both my classes are intermingled with today’s politics, especially Obama’s Jobs Act bill.

Speaking of jobs, my little honey nest called Safeway has been very busy. People are back from summer vacation, and the kids are back in school. So the good old soccer mom’s are in desperate need of “caffination”. And as always, I am happy to serve a sweet cup of deliciousness. Joking aside… I actually said that to a customer and the next day she came back and said it was the best drink ever! Not to toot my on horn but… TOOT TOOT!

-Girl in Pigtails

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