P90X, P90X, P90…X!

When you hear the word P90X most people respond with, “What is that?” For those in the know, you might cringe a little inside, and/or expressively give a nod of acknowledgement. Mr. Tony Horton takes you through a life changing journey which breaks all that you may know about diet and exercise, in 90 days.

My boyfriend and I decided to commit and succeed in the program. The first step was to take our measurements; and if that wasn’t bad enough we had to take photos too… We came up with a pretty good and nutritious menu for: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and yes, snack. P90X helps with a book of options that fit your fancy. As a P90X’er you can eat the meals they have created for you or pick and choose how to eat using a block guide.

For my boyfriend and I, we chose the block guide which involved eating more protein and veggies and less fats and carbohydrates. This would eventually help us to lose extra fat on our bodies and beef up our muscles.  It was hard to control the desire for ice cream and pasta, but we managed and found alternatives like homemade banana bread and TCBY.

Day 1: We decided to take a small walk in the morning and then complete the first workout video in the evening. Well, the small walk turned into a 12 mile walk. Exhausted and blistered, somehow through nursing on Gatorade, we managed to complete day one’s workout.

The first week was hard… We used muscles we never knew we had. Every morning with breakfast, there was a little pill of happiness called Aleve. The only nice thing about getting fit; is that the first 30 days of a workout routine, are the hardest. Your body will eventually get used to the torture… I mean workout! Surprisingly, you find that you can dish out more pull ups and push ups. How do I know this? Well, as of today we are on day 90.  We both lost a lot of fat and gained unbelievable muscle. However, we did make the decision to go 30 more days, so we know for sure, we are at the optimal peak of fitness.

I will have more updates on the P90X journey… Every P90X’er knows:

Decide, Commit, Succeed!

-Girl in Pigtails

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