Birds, Cows, and flies’… Oh My!

So another adventure that I would love to share, are the awesome hikes. P90X is not just an hour a day Monday thru Friday. It is about 3 hours a day 6 days out of the week. So, normal people doing P90X would take the rest day seriously and rest. My boyfriend and I are of another breed, and decided on our rest day, we would go hiking.  So if you read my first post, you might remember an incident were a small walk turned into a 12 miles walk. This same thinking was applied to hiking. Instead of going on the easy; mom’s with strollers and girls with flip flop; trails, we hiked more advanced trails. Our hiking adventures were about 5-11 miles, depending on the day and were we were. There were always a number of giant hills to climb over.

It was not all bad and we actually had a lot of fun. The first thing we invested in were good shoes and a local hikers guide book. The guide book is awesome! It’s called “Tri-Valley Trails” by Nancy Rodrigue and Jacky Poulsen. It has info on all the local parks with detailed maps of the trails. It has a little write up about each trail and what could be expected like; wild flowers, lakes, shade, hills, cows and more. Our favorite spots have to be the Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park and Sunol Regional Wilderness. They both are a beautiful get-a-ways from the city life without really leaving home. Some of the landscape photos you might see on my blog space, have been taken by my boyfriend or I.

I will give a warning for those who want to hear it… Make absolute sure that you have plenty of water and keep your toenails clipped short. The water advice is generic but should not be taken lightly. My boyfriend and I were hiking in Sunol and pretty much ran out of water half way through the hike. Not good on a hot summer day around 3 O’ clock. Lucky for us we ran into some campers and they had a water filter and hooked us up with some clean water. It is moments like that when you really appreciate the help of a stranger.

Now the toenail thing… if any of you are runners you may know my problem as “runners toe”. So, because my toe is out of commission, we are not hiking. Instead, we walk 1 mile about 3-5 times a day.  In the future we are wanting to cover more trails and at some point, even incorporate camping. In which there will be: plenty of water and well manicured toes.

Happy Trails!

-Girl in Pigtails

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