Week 9 Day 3

Squat: 90lbs what! what! YAY! Squat-i-vation!

Press:45lbs this is for sure my weak link… still working on it.

Deadlift 135lbs deadload was inevitable. I think my form is getting better and at least I have big boy weights on!

I can’t believe that 9 weeks is over. I feel like a new person! I WANT to keep going. This is not just an exercise program; this is MY sport! I am making a lot of friends who cheer me on and give me advice. I get to enjoy an activity with Mr. Awesome Boyfriend; who is completely supportive. The diet is not horrible AND I look forward to go to the gym. What more could you ask for?

WEEK 10- Bring it on!

-girl in pigtails

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