Week 6 Workout Stats

This week was super disappointing for me. That is why I am just now posting my stats.
For squats I could not get pass 75lbs. Even with tring 85lbs and working on negatives. By Friday, I was beat and was only able to do 3 sqauts @ 75lbs.
Bench and Row felt the same way but I was stuck on 65lbs.
Over head press was stuck at 45lbs.
Deadlift was the only highlight and I did 5×5 at 125lbs. But it was so hard and my form suffered.
I decided that this week is going to be a de-load week. I might go down as far as just the bar and work my way up. I was told by my gym budies that sometimes you just need to rebuild. This will also build up my confidence again.
Wish me luck!
-girl in pigtails

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