Week 9 Day 1

Squats: 80lbs with no assistance! Boom baby! A few weeks ago I needed major help with 80lbs. I feel so strong!

Press: 47.5lbs I know this looks funny but I bought some extreme baby weights to help me continue to increase weight.

Deadlift: 135lbs… I know this is not the super awesome 165lbs that was expected. I tried to pull 165lbs and only lifted it once; with good form. By the next set, I was looking like a cross fit poser. I haven’t deloaded on my deadlift so I believe it is time.

I am still proud of my stats today. I am starting a new diet today as well. It is basically the Atkins diet with very little carbs. I already feel like I have more energy. I will give more details on my next post.

-girl in pigtails

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