Del Valle

This was a nice little hike! There is a small fee when you come into the park mainly for parking. If you are camping or boating it is a bigger fee. Del Valle has a wonderful campground area if you are there for a day or two. But, they have an awesome area for day activities like boating, swimming, and picnicking! There are nice grassy areas for a soccer game and a ton of picnic tables and grills. Yes, there are even bathrooms and shower stations. A bit further into the park, there are some trails to take if you have a dog or horse. We of coarse were there for the hiking! We basically followed the East Shore Trail up to Ridgeline Trail and made a big circle. It was about an 8 mile hike from were we parked. It was nice to see people enjoying the lake and smelling all the yummy BBQ food BUT the sights were amazing once you got to the ridgeline!  I would love to go back for a BBQ and to swim. This weekend there was also a music festival near the campgrounds. Pretty Cool!

20130427_150527   20130427_151341   20130427_154256

20130427_154801   20130427_155537   20130427_162037

Enjoy the sunshine!

-girl in pigtails

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