TWEETY is in the house!

Yup… I am a proud owner of a red factor cannery!  I was originally going to get a fish tank but once I saw this little bundle of feathers; I was in love. This is my first pet bird. The people at Petsmart were very knowledgeable. We got everything from food to cage and beyond. The first night was a little tricky because we needed to find the trust. The little bird was fantastic but we realized that the cage was a bit small. Doing some research, I found the best home ever! Vision cages are designed for optimal birdy viewing and easy cleaning.  Who could ask for more? We got the cage pretty fast in the mail and it was super easy to put together. Our little birdy got the special big deluxe cage. We added a few toys and a nest but it comes complete with perches and food/water dishes. The little birdy immediately loved the cage and I like that it is easy to clean (it takes about 10min for a good cleaning job). We use recycled paper found at the pet shop for the birdy toilet paper and it works out very well. After a few weeks of getting to know our bird’s personality we decided to name her Phoenix….




A little bird told me … my house rocks!
-Girl in Pigtails

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