Insanity Update…

So, the last time I posted on weight loss and heath we were talking about a program called INSANITY. Well, it was exactly as it sounds… insane. I loved the program because it was quick and intense but 6 days a week was a little much. The exercises reminded me of my days back in high school and college track and field and cross country running. That was awesome but I ended up stopping the program 3 weeks in because I got the flu. Yeah… exercise and flu don’t mix! Mr. Awesome Boyfriend and I decided to start walking for about 40min a day and eat smaller portions. We also made the commitment to have no more fast food. During the flu time, we were eating out because neither one of us felt like cooking and our work out program was surviving work. This life style change has been much easier to maintain and we both are looking better than ever. The biggest advice to those who are looking to lose weight… be smart and commit to a life style change not a program. During the week, we eat very well and then on the weekend we “cheat” and have something special… like dessert or fast food. Our only rule is: Portion Control! We split dessert at a restaurant or only have a “kids meal” or small burger…NO MORE super size! We have had a little help called Hydroxycut which can be found at Wal-Mart. It helps with being hungry and boosts the metabolism. I am now down to a size 6 jean size from a 13 and I love it!

Balance is everything! Good Luck and may the force be with you on your journey to good health!

-Girl in Pigtails    20120814_160642

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