DIY: Charlie Brown Christmas Tree for Under $75!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With the economy still recovering and the 1%ers still being part of the 1% club. I decided to make it my mission to make an awesome Christmas tree on a budget. This tree will be great for single moms who want to have the tree experience and still have money for gifts. Students who are still in their dorm rooms will also love this deal. This tree will fit in any office or class room; basically it is a awesome small tree that will fit anywhere.

I live in a one bedroom apartment so space was a key factor in the tree decision. I also love real trees, which was another factor. I set my budget for $100…. then made my plan of attack. I decided that Wal-Mart would have most of the essentials: lights, ornaments, etc. Before I got to the shopping part, I decided on a color theme: blue and silver. From past experience, I decided that a 3-4 foot Nobel Fur tree would be perfect. It is very pretty, small, and has strong branches and needles. Most Christmas tree lots sell these little guys for a good price because of how small they are. 😀 I got my cute tree at HOMEDEPOT and the best part was it was $20 for a 4ft tree with a stand. A little tip: if you go on “Black Friday,” you will get first selection because most tree lots open that day. Yes, I know, I know… this tree would not be anyone’s first pick for “best tree ever”. The tree is bound up so you can’t tell if there is branches missing or if it leans to one side.At first glance, this tree might look like a scrawny Charlie Brown tree but I assure you with a little love and magic; it will be the best little tree ever! 


Then, off to the store! Wal-Mart had a great selection and everything was color coordinated. I started with lights because those were going to be the easy choice. I grabbed two boxes of the mini LED lights that where 20ft (100 count) each. One box was white lights and the other box was blue; again to go with the blue and silver theme. I snagged some sparkly white 40ft garland because I love when the tree has that snowy look. I picked most of my items based on price but I also wanted it to look fabulous; not cheap.


20121117_165217     20121117_164236

The ornaments where an easy find. Literally, Wal-Mart color codes everything from the traditional multi colored (red, gold, green, white), to silver and blue, and even the modern (pink and purple).


20121117_163406    20121117_164813    20121117_164808

I got two containers of multi colored silver and blue balls. Again, I was more concerned about price and looks then anything. But moving on, hooks are always needed for ball ornaments. I also found cute little silver present ornaments; what do my wondering eyes do I see… an awesome string of baby blue balls that would go great on my tree! Don’t be discouraged, there where so many color choices…

20121117_164656    20121117_164255

20121117_164930    20121117_164428   20121117_164820

Every Christmas tree needs a topper. Wal-Mart had a good selection and I didn’t get the cheapest! I balanced it out with a good deal on the ornaments. The one I choose lights up… how could you go wrong with more lights!?

20121117_165517    20121117_170035


Now for the skirt! I picked the littlest one they offered because it was a good deal and I didn’t need a table cloth. LOL But, if you wanted the big skirt Wal-Mart had you covered.


20121117_170158      20121117_170146

Every Christmas tree house needs stockings! Wal-Mart had a pretty good selection with a variety in style and price. Going with the cheaper stockings would keep you under budget but still give you that “the stocking where hung by the chimney with care” feeling. However, the more expensive ones look a little nicer and if you keep them for next year; they would become the traditional stockings that could be passed down. So, that is what I went for… the cute old style stockings. They are easy to store and can be used for years. Mine is the snowman!


20121117_171225     20121117_170217

And of coarse, I could not forget my little birdy… so I got her one too!


The Wal-Mart shopping trip was a huge success and I was way under my budget. Here is how everything was broken down…

Mini Tree Skirt $3.50
Stocking 1 (Basic) $1.95
Stocking 2 (Basic) $1.95
Star Topper $8.98
White Garland $4.97
Blue Ball Garland $1.97
Blue Ball Garland $1.97
Silver Present Ornament $2.00
Silver Present Ornament $2.00
Hooks $0.97
Multi Colored Ball Ornaments $3.50
Multi Colored Ball Ornaments $3.50
White Lights $2.68
Blue Lights $2.68
Total @ Wal-Mart $42.62
Home Depot
Tree $19.95
Tree Food $1.95
Total @ Home Depot $21.90
Total Spent $64.52

Just don’t forget tax and you too will have a GREAT deal.

Once home it was time to decorate but first, the traditional Christmas tree decorating outfit was needed… Christmas PJ’s!


So now for the construction of the tree…

On the first step of Christmas tree making,I cut the string of the Nobel Fur tree… ;-D As you can see, it is a cute almost perfect little tree.


20121123_230612    20121123_230907

On the second step of Christmas tree making, I put the lights and white garland on the Nobel Fur tree…


On the third step of Christmas tree making, I put the string of blue ball garland on.

Tip: I tried to put the string in front of the white garland and light so it would glow and stand out.

20121123_233747 (1)

On the fourth step of Christmas tree making, I attached the hooks to the ornaments and hung them on the tree evenly and with care. The one nice thing about these ornaments are that they are made of plastic so they won’t break as easy as the glass ones. Then, the present ornaments went on easily with their built in loop hook.


20121123_235447 20121123_234807  20121123_234745

On the last step of Christmas tree making, I attached the star topper. Now, the top of the tree had to be slightly modified. First, the branch was too long. So, with twist ties Mr. Awesome Boyfriend bent the branch three times. However, the topper was too heavy and it started to lean. Mr. Awesome Boyfriend cut about a 3 inch peace of an old wire hanger. With more twist ties, he made the branch string enough to support the topper. Then, the tree was watered and the skirt was attached….

TADA!!!… Charlie Brown Christmas tree turned awesome little tree!



My total money spent should be less than $75 after taxes if you choose the basic stockings… I decided to go for the nicer stockings as they can easily be stored for next year in the linen closet; I was out the door under $85. Oh and for those who think stockings are only for the fire place…




I attached them to the coffee table with stocking holders from the year before! Merry Christmas one and all and to all a happy tree decorating!

-Girl in Pigtails

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