Tip Toes

This spring it is all about a POP of color! At least, that is what I’m hearing on T.V. To stay “hip and funky fresh”, I decided to take the pop of color to my toes. I have to wear a uniform everyday: black pants, black shirt, green apron, and Starbucks hat. So, my painted toes are a nice way to personalize without interfering with work.

          20120416_154842 (2)     12 - 1


I used a paper towel to put in between my toes, so it was easy to paint. I applied one layer of CND base coat. The biggest piece of advice when painting your toes is to do thin layers and let each layer dry completely! Then apply two coats of Pure ICE super star (I guess that’s code for the color white). Now the POP! Apply two layers of Sally Hansen hard as nails 620 limestone (another code word for the color green). 😀 Once dry apply ONE coat of CND top coat and that will bring a nice shine. ;-D

Painted toes are always cute for Spring and there are a bazzillion new colors. It’s toe-riff-ic!

-Girl in Pigtails

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