I’m just CRAZY about Tiffany’s!

A little shout out to the elegant Audrey Hepburn! However, she is right: I love Tiffany’s too! I just devoted my eyes to the great multinational jewelry and silver wear corporation. Yup, I got myself a pair of Tiffany’s prescription glasses. The frames are a turtle shell color design with brown and Tiffany’s blue mixtures. Can we say, CUTE!? They are also light weight and high quality made: made in Italy. Cho Bella! ;-D They have an elegant subtle Tiffany’s logo on the side of the frames and on the inside ear piece, so it’s not distracting. However,  if you take the time to notice they will surprise you.

the glasses

I went to Lens Crafters, who were very thorough with the lenses. 😉 They measured  my pupils distance and matched it to my frames, so they could accurately design the focus point. It was only supposed to take one hour however, during quality control there was a small chip found in one of the lens. So, it ended up taking a few more hours because they wanted perfection. Which was fine with me! I added a grey transition with an anti reflective coating, so my sight is even better with glasses! It feels like I’m watching HD all the time.

   DSC_0007    20120423_170534

20120423_163724    20120423_164632

My transitions are fabulous and change quickly when going in and out of buildings. I am thinking about going back to Lens Crafters and seeking out sun glasses for the summer time: maybe COACH next? Humm…    B-D

-Girl in Pigtails

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