Tail As Old As Time…

One of my absolute favorite movies has now gone 3D. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful animated movie that encases love, wit, and action. The voices, story plot and songs are still the same as the original 1991 film. However, the animation is better than ever and really brings the story to life! I would recommend this movie to everyone! In the words of Monsieur Lumiere, “Be Our Guest!” and enjoy the movie.

Another really good movie that recently came out, in Blue Ray, is Disney’s the Lion King. Again, the story and songs have not changed but the animation is beautiful! The colors are bold and brilliant. Who could forget the Hakuna Matata song?! 😀 Also, if anyone gets to see The Lion King the musical, it will change your life! It is one of the best musicals I have ever seen performed!

Make some time for an adventure!

-Girl in Pigtails

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