Hello Again!

My blog world, I am so sorry for not keeping up to date on my posts. I have been a busy little bee. School is going great! I received two more A’s for my Principle’s of Management and Business Law I. 😀 I am in my second week of Marketing and Programming and doing fabulous.

At my little Safeway, I am training to become the Starbucks Assistant Manager. 😀 I am super excited and egger to learn more. I am also in pursuit of getting my coffee master black apron. Yup! I am not making that up, Starbucks has an official coffee master apron. I am hoping to get my co-worker on board, so we can get them at the same time.

My new years resolution to “get fit” is still on target. I had a week off for recovery and healing. I am getting close to my goal weight and should reach it by next month; just in time for spring/summer!

I also am thinking about adding some new elements to my blog. I have a wonderful new phone with immense capabilities. I am thinking about creating a “short” post, where I will post a small ball of information. Kind of like Facebook’s “what’s on your mind”. My goal is to make a short post every other day. Also, my phone has an amazing camera and I think I might be able to post short videos. 🙂

Finding more ways to keep in touch!

-Girl in Pigtails

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