My Name is Girl in Pigtails… and I am a Nerd.

The following pictures demonstrate the previous statement.

keyboard back keyboard

Oh yeah! And ‘Yes’… it is a blank keyboard. So, this brings me into a few topics for this post: 1- the awesome keyboard. 2- the awesome keyboard user. ;-D

Topic 1

I took my ordinary DELL keyboard (black and all) and gave it to Mr. Awesome Boyfriend. He cleaned it up a bit (it was kind of dusty). Then, took the whole thing apart. He put all the keys on cardboard in the correct pattern and placement. Next, he took me to Wal-Mart and asked me to pick out my paint colors. It reminds me of Legos with a royal color scheme. Krylon fusion paint is the brand boyfriend decided to go with; he said it was great for plastic and whatnot. It took 6 days to dry but it was worth it! I have to toot his horn for him (he deserves it)… toot toot!

Topic 2

Boyfriend and I decided we wanted to both improve our typing. The two finger typing worked fine for high school but in the business world there are mountains of things to type. We are using an online program located at They provide a free service that teaches you how to correctly type through lessons, tests, and games. If you do a lesson or two a day, for a week, your typing is going to improve dramatically. In no time at all, you too can rock the blank keyboard and be the envy of all who see.

This is where the magic happens! My command station 😀


Live Long and Prosper!

-Girl in Pigtails

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