It’s beginning to look a lot like a head cold!

Happy December everyone! I started off this festive month with a head cold. Yuck, So I have decided to write down a few essentials when having a sick day:

1) I think everyone grabs the Quils, DayQuil and NyQuil, when they are sick. I know I do, but I decided to be adventurous and get the new Alka-Seltzer Plus. Come to find out, the Alka-Seltzer Plus was better. SO, the next time you are sick try it! The best aspect about it; it stopped my nasal congestion. YAY!

2) Safeway Soup… they came out with a new soup that is de-li-cious! Beef Stroganoff, enough said. Except, that it tastes homemade and is very savory.

3) Safeway Pumpkin Cheesecake Streusel Pie. It is award winning! No really, it is, it says so on the package! When you are sick having a yummy treat can always cheer you up.

4) A great T.V show. I found an HBO series called Boardwalk Empire. It is on its second season, so if you have never watched the show you have enough episodes to fill your day. It’s a very in-depth show and highly entertaining, once you start watching you won’t want to turn it off. Well, until you take the night time cold medicine then, it knocks you out. Basically, if you like the 1920’s, people fighting, politics, secrets, love and booze; you will like this show!

5) When you are sick you must drink a lot of fluids… I choose OJ. Safeway has a really good brand. Safeway Select 100% PURE Valencia Orange Juice (not from concentrate). Seriously, this taste so fresh; like I squeezed the oranges myself. There is pulp, but it is so fine that it is not noticeable. Tropicana has nothing on Safeway! 😉

So the next time you get sick, try these 5 essentials and you should be better in no time!

Get Well Soon!

-Girl in Pigtails

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