Have You Finished Your Holiday Shopping?

It is getting closer and closer to Christmas time, and Starbucks is to the rescue. They have a ton of mugs, tumblers, stuffed animals, gift cards etc. I have a few favorites of my own:

1) The Number Tumbler- It is made for hot liquids and is a nice 16oz size. The best part however, when you buy this item for the entire month of January you can get FREE brewed coffee. Pick that up for your beloved coffee drinker for Christmas!

starbucks tumbler

2) Anyone on your shopping list would love a Starbucks Gift card as a stocking stuffer! We have some really cute winter gift cards- Check them out!

3) There is a Hot Coco trio mix box with three different yummy hot chocolate mixes… enough said! 🙂

4) Starbucks mini cup ornaments are adorable; they make great little gifts for Secret Santa’s. Pair it with a gift card and you will wish you were your own Secret Santa!

Those are just a few ideas to get your last minute shopping complete.

Tis’ the Season!

-Girl in Pigtails

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