Thanks, Thanksgiving!

I worked on Thanksgiving so I am posting this now:

Thank You, crazy drink ordering lady, without you I would have a memory of mush; and when did you become so specific on a $7 drink?

Thank You, mashed potatoes, without you my turkey and gravy would be naked.

Thank You, friends and family, you all are crazy but at least you are my kind of crazy.

Thank You, Black Friday, for making it one day out of the year that everyone has to go shopping.

Thank You, old lady driver, I forgot what a left turn blinker looks like when you don’t turn left.

Thank You, not 15 items or less person, I wanted to wait in line for an extra 15 minutes to catch up on what’s going on in Readers Digest Magazine.

Thank You, pumpkin pie, you always taste better in November.

And Thank You, gory 3D movie, I always wanted to know what my inside parts look like without seeing them in person.

Better late than never- Happy Holidays!

-Girl in Pigtails

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