Starbucks Bunny!

One of my customers made this for me. It totally made my day and reminded me that Easter is right around the corner!
Hoppy Easter!


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How Human Are You?

This is my favorite show right now! This show takes a look at human behavior and relates to the behavior of animals. It airs on the Nat Geo Wild channel but you can also find episodes on their website. One interesting fact was that the color red gains the most attention. They tried an experiment were twins went into a bar; one had a red dress and the other had a blue dress. The lady with the red dress received the most male attention. Then, for a twist, the twins changed dresses and went back to their admirers. No one noticed that the twins switched! The lady in the red dress always got the attention. I am so getting more red in my wardrobe!


- girl in pigtails 

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Exercise Update!

The boyfriend has been traveling which is hard on our workout routine. I also don’t want to try and squat a lot of weight without a spotter. Better to be safe than sorry. Yesterday instead of weight lifting, I met up with a new gym buddy to do an hour of elliptical AKA ellipti-kill. I haven’t done this in a year so, it was pretty tough. It doesn’t help that we were also immersed in conversation. whew! But, it felt good to get a workout in and it sure did help burn the bad calories I have been indulging.

Stay Strong!

-girl in pigtails

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Week 11 Day 1

I am feeling pumped right now! I took a 6 day rest to let my back heal. It recovered fast and these are my stats today:

Squat: 100lbs oh yesses!

Bench: 70lbs not too bad!

Row: 60lbs whoot!

I did cheat on my diet pretty bad last week. I ate more carbs than I should have but what is a girl to do… I am back on track! CHOO CHOO!!! lol

-girl in pigtails  

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Week 10 Day 2

I am sad to report I hurt my back last session. I tried to squat 100lbs and on the first set my back started to cramp. I decided I should not push it or I might hurt it more. So, I stretched out and got on the eliptical for about 10min. The pain was on my lower back, right side, on the hip joint. Every time I moved my leg it aggravated that spot. I am resting the remainder of the week and will be back to the routine Monday. I have been using a heating pad and ice pack which seems to help.
Everything happens for a reason…

-girl in pigtails

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Week 10 Day 1

Squats: 95lbs with the last set at 100lbs.

I am so excited; I feel like I’m going to explode! Can’t wait for day 2…

-girl in pigtails

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Week 9 Day 3

Squat: 90lbs what! what! YAY! Squat-i-vation!

Press:45lbs this is for sure my weak link… still working on it.

Deadlift 135lbs deadload was inevitable. I think my form is getting better and at least I have big boy weights on!

I can’t believe that 9 weeks is over. I feel like a new person! I WANT to keep going. This is not just an exercise program; this is MY sport! I am making a lot of friends who cheer me on and give me advice. I get to enjoy an activity with Mr. Awesome Boyfriend; who is completely supportive. The diet is not horrible AND I look forward to go to the gym. What more could you ask for?

WEEK 10- Bring it on!

-girl in pigtails

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