Let’s show them what ‘like a girl’ really means!
– girl in pigtails

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Let’s bring a little love into the world!

At my Starbucks, we decided  to decorate  for valentine’s day. My team and I thought  it would be fun to write down our definitions of love… of course  we left it anonymous; some where beautifully written and others where just flat out funny. So, we decided to ask our customers to put down their ideas and thoughts. In just an hour our main window was full of love! The funniest was a 10 year old boy who wrote “love is… snowing”. An older lady said “love is…grand-babies”. My other favorite…”love is… unconditional with a fluffy tail and a wet nose”. Someone else said “love is… Hershey bars”
There are a lot of messed  up things in the world but love is… awesome!
-girl in pigtails




I can’t wait for the next few days to get more answers!

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The Super Bowl half time show was amazing this year! I loved Katy Perry’s song choice, guest appearances and the theatrics were something that is sure to go down in Super Bowl history!

I feel that next year’s half time show is going to be even BIGGER for the 50th anniversary. I am pretty sure that for this show the NFL will start planning early. So, I want to spark the fire for the artist of choice.


For the 50th anniversary it needs to be someone who has experience, who is popular, and most importantly can engage the masses! As an American tradition, people of all ages will be watching. So no nip slips please.

This year the Super Bowl had 114.5 million viewers making it a record and I can only imagine how many will watch next year. It needs to be a ‘rock star’ who knows how to ‘drop it like its hot’ and ‘hollaback (girl)’. It needs to be someone who can read those ‘blurred lines’ and create something out of ‘nothin’ to make you feel ‘happy’. Who better for the half time show than the man who has more pop than soda…the one and only Pharrell Williams!


He has worked with so many artists and vast genres. He does it all sings, writes, produces, the list goes on. The man is nothing less than genius and in my opinion a vampire (he still looks 20)! Also, being on the hit T.V show the Voice, he has just added another feather to go in his fedora hat of connections with Blake Shelton ( the country music king). He would be able to pool so many resources and make the 50th half time show…

legend (wait for it) dairy!

I ask those reading this pass it on and spark the fire…#pharrellforSB50


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This is how I feel on a Monday… doing homework!

oy vey!

-girl in pigtails

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I almost don’t know what to do with myself right now! I finished my finals before Christmas… yay! For those who have been following me for the last few years know that I have been doing homework during Christmas and working at Starbucks. This year, I busted booty and was able to celebrate with loved ones; well… except for a few hours of Starbucks work. I am registered for my last four classes which start in January. I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ray and I are now headed to the happiest place on earth to celebrate my 28th birthday. I have four days of no work and no school! In the words of a wise person: work hard; play harder!

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Will the real Mr. Awesome Boyfriend please stand up!

This has been a crazy year of goodness! Frist, I would like to introduce to the blog world Mr. Awesome Boyfriend. I have kept him pretty anonymous throughout the time I have been blogging for personal reasons. BUT, on Dec.24th (Christmas Eve), he asked me to marry him! So, I feel like what could be a better introduction: my finance… Ray. He has helped me create this blog in order to record my experiences. Those experiences have helped me grow, learn and strive to be a better person. I can’t wait to continue this blog and continue to grow and have new experiences with Ray by my side. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Now, the blog itch has hit him! Check Ray’s blog out @ PapaBearsCave.wordpress.com. If I am 100% sure of anything it is the fact that this man is a little obsessed with research. He will literally spend hours/days looking up information and reviews for the best deal. Right now he begins our journey on fitness. It wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t have a fitness plan for the new year. Unlike our P90X, weight training, hiking, or paleo diet… this seems like a lifestyle change. More progress to come…

-girl in pigtails

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Feeling confused or just extremely tired!

It’s 2am and I just finished my last final; before Christmas! For the past few years, I have been working Starbucks AND doing homework on Christmas. Looks like I get to have a mini break this year… thanks Santa! I now only have 4 more classes to obtain that beautiful piece of paper that says MBA.

T ‘ was the night before Christmas… and all though the house…
pigtails was not studying but relaxing in the house!

Merry Christmas!

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