The Return to Bier Fest…

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I can’t believe it was in 2015 when we did our first big trip to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. We were celebrating our hard work of diet and exercise. This trip was no different… we were celebrating the completion of our Conqueror Challenge “The Romantic Road” which was 268 miles. A big thanks to our Star Citizen Community for helping us claim that goal in time.

So, we packed our bags Thursday night (thank goodness – we had a lot of stuff) and left Friday at 5:30am to Williamsburg. The drive wasn’t too bad considering it was Labor Day weekend and made it by 9am. Cody did so well and was very content with his car seat and tablet playing Cars.

We stopped by the hotel first to drop off everything and set the room up. Cody loves his inflatable bed and of course we had to put Cars on (again)!

The best tip for this trip is getting the ultimate VIP parking. The lines to get into the park were insane but once we got through, we got super close parking and separate security entrance. This made getting into the park quicker and also gave us the opportunity to get to the car quickly if we needed anything.

We got a locker as per norm then booked it to our Family Fun Tour. This was $60 per person and included a tour guide, meet and greet with the animals, a train tour and Sesame Street Character Meet. Along with all this, we also got a photo pass. Pretty epic deal! We got to go in the stables and meet the beautifully large Clydesdales and Border Collies at the highland stables. We learned how they are trained and they showed off some of their tricks. We also had an opportunity to meet a Barn Owl. The trainers were amazing and very excited to tell us about the animals.

Cody did so good on the train, until it started moving. Our tour guide gave us some insight on the park and apparently there are three trains in rotation at the park – we were on the Blue train today. We even got to meet the conductor who gave us an in-depth tour of the train and I got to blow the whistle (twice)!

The Sesame Street Character Meet was the end of our 2.5 hour Family Fun Adventure! Cody of course gave each character a high ‘low’ five but did great for his first time.

We got some lunch at Marco Polo’s Marketplace and settled in for a mini concert. The pizza was actually pretty good and Cody boy had some milky milk!

We ended up going back to the hotel mid day just for a break from the heat and crowds. It was SO worth it! Cody was able to take a nap if he needed and we could change and replenish our snacks.

This has been voted the most beautiful park for a couple years now… and it does not disappoint.

Day 2- we focused on everything Bier Fest and even got dressed up for the occasion. We got a locker again and brought our Pico to join our adventure.

The best part about going to Bier Fest on the last weekend, is that they start decorating for Halloween!

Pico had some great food too…

Cody also had his first ride… and looked terrified but Papa was there so he was a big boy.

Cody had to have a second after all that excitement…

We stopped by a few shops…

Pico got into some trouble…

And last but not least… Cody and Pico got their scream on with the Ohpa Band… the Bier Fest part wasn’t as event filled as it was back in 2015 but we still had a ton of fun!

The two days at Busch Gardens was a much needed mini vaca and it is just getting us more and more excited for our two week trip to Disney World at the end of the year. But before we went back to the grind… we had to stop for some unbelievable dough nuts at Duck Donuts… yes that is a Maple Bacon doughnut.

We will see you in the next adventure!

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