Azeron Cyborg

Not your average gaming equipment!

My hubby and I have been playing online FPS games for 10+ years together. We usually mirror our setups for ease of installation and troubleshooting. So naturally, we both started using Razor’s Orbweaver to enhance our game play. We started using the mechanical gaming keyboard during our Battlefield days and it was extremely efficient. Obviously, gaming equipment won’t magically make you the top 1% player overnight, but it doesn’t hurt. The downside, Razor’s software, was a nuisance, to say the least. The constant updates and compatibility issues were enough to drive us mad, but at the time, there was no competitor. The usefulness outweighed the frustration of throwing it out the window. This lasted for years, until out of the blue we found… the hand fondler!

Right away, we knew the Azeron Cyborg was the one! It had all the buttons and functionality the Razor Orbweaver provided and no more Razor software! So we thought we’d give it a try…

The good:

The customization is amazing. There are so many color combos and options to really make it your own. We ended getting teal and purple (our stream colors) with our gamer tags added. Pretty sweet!

The software is also amazingly easy to use and has two profiles that can be saved and stored internally. This means you don’t have to run the software program while playing. I even like the fact you can change the name of the mapping icons. But more importantly, the software just works and I haven’t seen any software hiccups or annoyances.

The shipping was faster than expected and came with all the tools and accessories you will need to adjust the game pad perfectly to your hand. It’s safe to say the hubby and I don’t have the same size hands but we were able to each make the Cyborg work for us.

The Azeron customer service is also top-notch. During shipping, my hubby’s Cybrog pinkie was loose. After setting up the buttons, he noticed one button wasn’t activating. He emailed customer support and they sent a new appendage. Yeah, I know your thinking well duh… but remember our order was completely color custom. They literally had to make a new one. The swap was easy enough for my computer expert husband but if it were me… I think it would have been a lot harder.

The Ugly…

The initial hand adjustment set up took a lot longer than anticipated. Every time I thought I had the perfect form, there was just another little tweak that had to be made. Not saying this is a total negative but it’s just something I didn’t consider and it’s not a deal breaker.

The hand fondler takes some time to get used to if you haven’t played with a gaming keypad. There are people who absolutely hate it or love it. I found it to be a flawless transition.

The price is high but considering the amount of money spent on gaming rigs nowadays, it was money well spent for us. Of course because there are two of us we spent twice as much and the cost for one custom Cyborg was $247-ish. Keep in mind they are a European business and shipping will depend on your location. They have a great FAQ page and support is amazing.  

Our Set Up…

Our gaming set up is different… very different. Like I mentioned before, the hubby and I play together which calls for two stations but to make it even more crazy, we also stream on Twitch. Our two for one deal adds even more tech challenges… like a 3rd computer and 6 cameras. It certainly is not an easy set up, but we are proud of it.

For us, it was easy to see the Azeron Cyborg fit perfectly into our rig. Our game of choice is Star Citizen, a PC space game that is in alpha development. For this game, we use duel sticks and pedals for flight mechanics. Then, we use the Cyborg and mouse for FPS and on foot actions. It truly is a dream set up! A list of equipment will be in another post but I just want to point out that we use MonsterTech desk mounts for the flight sticks, keyboard, mouse and Azeron Cyborg. The mount has more than enough room for the hand fondler.

Cyborg Mapping

Obviously, the mapping of keys and movements are personal and differ depending on the game you play. Don’t be afraid to change your keybinds. Try something for a bit and adjust as needed. If you need an idea, here is a picture of my mapping for Star Citizen.

Update picture

Future Game Play

After the last computer upgrade, and finally feeling comfortable using the Cyborg… I would like to go back to Battlefield 1 and see how the Cyborg handles. After using the Orbweaver for years, there were some keys I just stopped using because they were hard to reach and the 19+ keys basically went down to 8ish. The Cyborg is adjusted so well, I don’t have the same issue. Now, I’m just having to remember what all the buttons do. Not a bad issue to have… wink.

A huge thank you to Enoch Chan Photography for the photos above.
Check out our adventures on our Twitch Channel CarbonTails_GiP
If you are interested in the full set up, check out the latest blog post of our Stream Room

Fly Safe and we will see you in the verse! 

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