Star Citizen Fleet Week New Player Tips!

This week in Star Citizen new players can play the game for free after creating an account on the RSI website. You can use my referral code for some extra in-game perks like 5,000 UEC (the in-game currency) with the purchase of a game pack. Even if you don’t purchase the game now, the referral code link will take you to the account creation page.

Over the past few days, I have noticed on other Twitch streams some common questions. As a brand new citizen, I highly suggest checking out Captain Berks YouTube video. He does a great job explaining the beginning basics once you enter the verse.

My next tip, when you first enter the verse, select Area 18  as your ‘visit location’. Area 18 is where the convention center is located which has the latest ships available for the excellent price… Free!

Take a moment to check out all the detail the convention has to offer. There are many statues and plaques that either tell you the history of Invictus Week or about the showpiece.

To rent a ship, walk up to the ship and use the “F” key to interact with the item. You will see a floating word that says “rent”. Click on rent and complete your free purchase. Then make your way back to the Spaceport and go to the terminal to pull out the ship… and have FUN!

Once you are done having an adventure… make sure to head back to Area 18 and request landing before you log off. This way, when you log back in, you will be at Area 18. This is important because the rentals are only 24hrs. You don’t want to be out in space stuck with no ship.

You can check out my VOD to see me explore the convention center and rent a ship. It will only be available for a limited time as Twitch takes down videos after 14 days.

See you in the verse!


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