Twitch Premier with Girl-In-Pigtails and TheQue

Guys, I am SO excited… we have been working extremely hard making the production value the highest quality possible. The best part, about our stream, is that we have created a picture in picture scene which enables the community to see both our cameras and game play in one channel.

It is also the day…Fleet Week starts! In the verse, we will be exploring the ‘convention center’ and getting the latest merch hotness from the venders. Rumor has it…there will also be fly overs. I can’t wait to see the event!

Check us out tonight at 8:30pm EST for our pre-show where we introduce ourselves and our 6-month-old. Game play will start between 9pm and 10pm as we need to tuck in the boy.

Carbontails_GiP Twitch

See you in the verse! O7


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