The Workout Saga…

Today marked Week 2 of 5×5 strong lifts. We had a great workout with our friend who has just a little bit of experience. ;-D His WARM-UP squat weight is 315lbs.
:- O The most I have seen him squat was 5 plates (1 plate = 45lbs) on each side… that’s a crazy amout of weight. But he is a great mentor and friend so we listen to any advice he suggests.
My work out stats today:
Overhead Press-30lbs

Just a side note: it was suggested that I stayed at a light weight for squat and overhead press until I am able to do the movement with a smooth execution and complete control. I don’t let this get me down because I am still improving.  Last week I needed assistance with my 45lb squat. Today, I needed NO help.
Eating is so important too! I didn’t eat a sweet potato at lunch and felt completely drained. I am learning that food is fuel and I eat to lift.
I will keep you posted!
-girl in pigtails

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