Girl in Pigtails lifts 1080 Pounds!

Ok not all at once…but I deadlifted 135lbs 8 times! Not a bad way to start the week… we took a little 2 week break because we just needed to refresh and resharpen the axe (Yo Elliott words of wisdom). Weight lifting has become a new sport and hobby. Mr. Awesome Boyfriend does his research and got us on the right track for lifting properly.  It is a life style you eat to lift, rest to lift, lift to lift… lol It is more than just being a gym junkie.  You become the strongest version of yourself.  Most of these motivational saying come from a power lifter Elliott Hulse. Check him out on YouTube.  He is AMAZING;  he knows the science behind correct lifting, he is inspiring, and he is extremely talented.  I follow him on Facebook and YouTube and find something new and exciting everyday.

Happy Deadlift Monday! 
-girl in pigtails

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