Next Stop Muscle Town!

Mr. Awesome Boyfriend and I finally have finished 10 weeks of good diet and exercise.  We have lost a combined total of 33lbs. Not too shabby! We have decided to start a new routine that includes more weight training and less elliptical. Four days out of the week we focus on an area and go to muscle town. We still use the weight machines because we feel we have better posture than using free weights.  On Monday, we do exercise that works the biceps and lats. Tuesdays, we work the triceps and chest. Wednesday, is cardio on the elliptical. Thursday, works the legs; inside, out, top and bottom! lol Finally… Friday, is a mix of shoulder and back. Saturday is our free day which is usually a long hike or city walk. Sunday is rest! It is good so far and I have started to notice some muscle definition. Whoot!  I am very excited about my improvement and want to kick some more booty! This coming week for cardio I want to try a body combat class. It is a lot of sweat and tears but burns a ton of calories. I will keep you posted! Here is a big tip if you are trying to gain mucsel: eat a ton of protein like chicken, fish, and eggs. But, right before you go to bed have a little bowl of low fat cottage cheese. It helps with late night cravings and helps promote muscle building and recovery. I mix in some berries and think of it as an extra dessert!

Stay Motivated! -girl in pigtails

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