I LOVE my new S 4 Phone!

This is not going to be a super in depth assessment of the phone but I will say what I really like about it. Then, maybe, in another post, I can give stats and get all nerdy with my review. I have only had the phone for a few days…

I was able to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone and get the S4. This phone is amazing! The screen is bigger and brighter than the S2 because of the 5in 1080p display. Movies and TV look great! I watch mainly Netflix or youtube but It’s like a mini flat screen in my hand. The sound seems to be better too! I use Spotify for my music collection. When setting up my settings, there was an awesome sound preference that was able to test my hearing and make the sound perfect for my ears. Overall, the speed of the phone is super fast! It’s almost like a mini robot personal assistant ready for your beckon call… oh wait; it is! LOL The last little piece of the awesome assessment is the camera… which is aweful—ly AMAZING! A 13 megapixel back camera… B-)… I have only taken a few shots but they are well captured. I can even do a pretty perfect panorama! There is nothing but nice things to say and I highly recommend it! Well, maybe there is one downfall… it didn’t come out sooner! LOL 20130511_131341


-girl in pigtails


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