Lake Merritt Walk

Every Saturday, Mr.Awesome Boyfriend and I like to go hike but we decided to walk around Lake Merritt instead. We are still recovering from last Saturday’s adventure and getting over the dreaded sniffles. In celebration of Earth Day (the 22nd), we decided to take BART. We used our handy dandy Clipper cards and it was only a 30 min ride to the Lake Merritt station. From the station, the lake is just a few blocks away. Around the entire lake is a 4 mile path but we decided to walk around it twice for extra exercise. It was a beautiful day and there were a lot of people enjoying the sun. It was a nice quite walk and I took some cool pictures of the lake. We found Cleveland Cascade and walked up all those stairs…ouch!

20130420_131228   20130420_134647

20130420_141850   20130420_141908

20130420_142540 You never know what is in your own backyard if you don’t look!

-girl in pigtails

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