Everyone Needs a Goal!

I am striving to loose a little weight that I gained during the holidays. I also want to get a little muscle but all this won’t magically happen overnight. Today, marked week 4 day 5 of our new exercise program at our new gym. Mr. Awesome Boyfriend and I are lifting weights on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Then, we tackle the elliptical for at least 35 minutes on Tues and Thurs. Saturday is the day we consider a free day… this is were we go on a long walk or hike. Sunday is a complete rest day! It has been a challenge because it is a new routine. The soreness is not as bad as P90X and it is a program we both have done in the past. I was a dedicate long distance runner since high school and Mr. Awesome Boyfriend served in the military. So for, my pants are fitting better (I lost 3lbs in four weeks) and my biceps are starting to peak through. Going to 24 Hour Fitness has paid off! There are  a lot of nice people, the equipment is top notch and it is not crowded. I can’t wait for the next four months!

Have a goal and reward once you get it!

-girl in pigtails

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