My 100 Post!

Wow, this is amazing! I can’t believe that I have been blogging for a year and a half; and now I have made it to 100 posts. For this blog, I wanted to go back to the inspiration for this blog… hiking in Sunol. The picture of the old black and white barn was taken on a hike in Sunol one and a half years ago. Mr. Awesome Boyfriend and I have wanted to go back but time slipped away, winter came and we never went back… until now! Last weekend, we decided it was time to tackle the hike again and document it. The weather was perfect and we hiked our butts off and it ended up being a 10 mile hike in about four hours. It was cool, we used our Endomando sport tracker but the GPS wasn’t that great for documenting the map. It also did not document our stats toward the end. However, I was able to get our route from the internet map search on BING. The little green “A” is our start which is the parking lot. Just a quick tip: bring $5 cash because there is a fee to get in. 😀

Sunol Hike

The first time we hiked here, we did not have proper shoes or enough water. We were prepared and had two bladders full of ice water and hiking shoes. In the bigger bladder, we brought extra socks and shirts. We knew this was not going to be a short hike so we also brought some snacks. The best part about Sunol is the diversity in the trails. There are trails that are short for families with kids or older people.  There are some trails that are a bit harder but short. There are also trails for people riding horses. Then, there are the trails for the experienced hikers. We like to mix it up and have found a route that starts off a little difficult then, gets really crazy and then, at the end; is easy as pie.

This is the beginning of our hike on McCorkle Trail and Canyon View Trail. It is amazing that in just a few feet the environment can change from super forest to bushy then grassy. Some of the hike reminds me of the Jurassic Park movies.

20130330_141711 20130330_141745 me

Hello… is there anyone out there?

20130330_142039   20130330_142458

We finally made it to the beginning of Flag Hill Trail. This is were is gets crazy! You are literally climbing a mountain!

20130330_142751 20130330_143313

We are half way there…

20130330_144850 20130330_150647

YAY! Made it.. the view is so worth it! This is were we take a break to rest, eat, and change. You will want to because you will get sweaty! FYI: there is a bench. On my BING big map, this is letter “B”: Flag Hill Peak!

20130330_150955 20130330_151000

See I told you… there are people riding horses.

20130330_151030 20130330_152216

We started making our way down Flag Hill Road (the easy way that the horses take) and made our way to High Valley Road. This is were the old barn is and on the  handy dandy map it’s called High Valley Camp.

20130330_153404 20130330_154156

This barn is really old but some Boy Scouts still use it as a camp. There is a fire pit and picnic tables.

20130330_154349 20130330_154524

We decided to try a different route and found ourselves on Cave Rocks Road going toward the Cerro Este Road and lookout point. This was a bit of a climb but it was gradual compared to the intense super climb of Flag Hill.

20130330_155608 20130330_160011

This had the best view of the park. Everything was in full bloom for spring!

20130330_160915 20130330_162559

We made it and luckily there was a nice little bench to again rest, eat and change socks! On my BING big map, this is letter “C”: Cerro Este Lookout Point!

20130330_162603 20130330_162936

We started our way down Cerro Este Road toward McCorkle Trail. Everything from here is pretty easy… and mostly downhill.

20130330_163015 20130330_164909

There are some may little attractions to see here that you can’t see them all in one day. This makes Sunol the best for multiple trips. Every hike can be different.

20130330_165433 20130330_170810

The smallest sign ever! LOL

20130330_171546 20130330_172119

YAY we are getting closer to civilization! We take Backpack Road to Camp Ohlone which will lead us back to the car. This part of the hike is so easy. It is a dirt road that has no up hills! On my BING big map, this is letter “D”!

20130330_172546 20130330_174031

I think this tree is totally WEST Coast representing!

20130330_174649 20130330_175957

Little Yosemite! Finally, back to the car and pooped! On my BING big map, this is letter “E”!

20130330_180211 20130330_182406

I would highly recommend coming here but be smart and bring water, food and clothes. I found that even though it was sunny, I still needed a light jacket.

Thanks to all my blog followers! I can’t wait to see what the next 100 posts will be!

-girl in pigtails

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