Fitness Apps!

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Endomondo is a great app that tracks exercise and I got the PRO version which adds a lot more tools. I specifically like that on a walk or hike it tracks the route, hart rate, calories, and even how much water you should drink. The apps can also connects to a hart rate monitor which calculates a more accurate calorie burn. It is super easy to use; you literally select a workout and press GO. I also like that it graphs the hart rate and lets you know if your are at rest or kicking booty. I found out early that I wasn’t pushing very hard and was staying in the rest zone. I felt like a zombie working out and I was right LOL! If you wanted to see more there is also a website too.
I also have My Fitness Pal that tracks my daily food and exercise. As long as you are honestly putting in all your food and exercise it will tell you if you are in the red or green at the end of the day. Green is good and red means you ate too much. What is nice is the app syncs to Endomondo so there is no guess work on the calories burned. 😀

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