A Little Secret…

After a good workout, I eat a lot of high protein foods like chicken, turkey, or eggs. This helps build muscles and helps with not feeling so sore. For chicken, I really like rotisserie chicken from Safeway; especially the Open Nature brand. It is super juicy and falls off the bone. For sliced meats, I really like the deli to fresh cut my meat fresh into thick slices so I can then cut into cubes for salads. I have tried a few varieties of eggs but have found two brands I like the best; for different reasons. I like the “O” organic brown eggs and those I hard boil. I haven’t found the perfect cook method to get the perfect easy peel BUT: if you put your eggs in a pot filled with water then,  bring it to a boil on med/high heat, then set a timer for 8 minutes. Once the timer goes off, immediately fill the pot with ice and cold water.  I leave the pot in the sink until the eggs are cool. Tada… Yummy eggs! Now for scrambled eggs, I really like Egglands Best brand. They taste so good and are a nice color too. I add some sliced black-forest ham and it makes a great little meal. 😀


Eat up!

-girl in pigtails 

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