changing oil

I changed my oil all by myself… ok Mr. Awesome Boyfriend helped. I got my hands dirty and it was so cool. We lifted the car and put it on jack stands. I made a newby mistake and dropped the drain screw in the oil catcher pan but I quickly recovered it. I also changed my transmission fluid and rear differential fluid. It was pretty easy but I needed a little help loosening the screws. We bought the oils online as well as a pump. That came in handy with the transmission and rear differential oils. Overall, it only took maybe an hour or two but that included having to get a larger socket from Sears. I did get very dirty and greasy but a little dawn dish soap and fast orange soap got me looking like I never touched a dipstick. 😀 After a bath, the car not me, I took the NC for a little drive. What a difference! All three oils came out looking black and thick. The rear differential even smelled a little burnt. Now, the liquid gold has made the car perr! Shifting is a little smoother and the overall ride feels great!  

changing oil 2

changing oil 3

Change your oils regularly and remember to bring paper towels!
-girl in pigtails

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