My Birdy Girl!

Oh my goodness! My little birdy apparently loves bok choy! We usually give her kale or a mixed green salad. At Ranch 99 they have baby bok choy for a pretty good price. I thought well why not, she will NOT eat anything bad; she won’t even eat something that touched the floor! She will just sit there and look at it. It’s like she is thinking, “what am I? … an animal? I don’t eat off the floor!” We found out she definitely does not like mango… 😦 We put a small piece of mango on her salad and she screamed at us and wouldn’t eat until it was removed. She is a smart little birdy. It is so cute when she eats greens; she “juices” them and gets a green beard. I wish I was just as enthusiastic! LOL


Birdy Girl + Veggies = Love
-girl in pigtails

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