A Lost Skill …Typing

I use to go through life with the two finger typing. It worked for me but I knew there was a better way. Typing is a skill that has been lost, I think because of texting, but is needed more than ever; now that computers are used for everything! I found a typing course online that is free and includes lessons, games and a certification. There are packages you can buy that support the site (the most expensive is about $15 and it’s for a lifetime membership) that basically gives you the program without the annoying pop up ads. I started out typing about 20 WPM. I do one lesson (which is about 15-30min) a day, and once a week a typing test. I would like to get into the 50-60 WPM by the end. I have found that it doesn’t take as long to type papers (for school) or a blog posts. I did a typing test this week and got 31 WPM. Whoot! I encourage everyone to try; a little bit of effort goes a long way. This skill will help you for the rest of your life! For extra encouragement, I also got a “Das Keyboard”. This keyboard is not like any other; it sounds like an old school typewriter but it is blank. Yup, there are NO letters, symbols, number, etc. You may think it is crazy but give your brain some credit… you will pick it up in no time! Image  http://www.typingweb.com 

happy typing!

-girl in pigtails 


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