Birdy Girl

As you all know, I have a cute ball of feathers in my life. Phoenix is about to have her one year anniversary adoption date. OK, I say “almost” and it is really in June. However, she has been amazing and I wanted to share our story.

We got her from PetCO in Dublin Ca. It was love at first sight! We went in the store looking for maybe a small fish tank and walked out with a bird and all the fixings. It took a few months but she has now become apart of the family and she is not a scared little birdie anymore. She loves to eat when the family eats, and if you forget her big bowl of salad- she lets you know. 😀 We started training her to jump on our finger by whistle command. She will (for a second) but only in her “room” (the bird cage). We also started training her to give “kisses”. She will peck my nose when I say, “Birdie girl give kisses”, following a big bowl of salad. She likes to play tough birdie and tries to fight by pecking at my finger. It doesn’t hurt at all but she feels big and strong. If I stop playing too soon, she will follow me around the house tweeting. It’s like she is saying, “hey! play with me”! She is just like a two year old too. She pouts if you don’t say good bye. We let her fly in the apartment and have special perches for her to land but her favorite thing to do is take a bath. She will splash as much as she can and likes standing near the fire place to dry. She has a unique personality and I love it! If you are looking for a first time bird, I recommend a cannery- but (with any pet) they need lots of attention and love.

-girl in pigtails

after bath

bird on computer


on my room

after kale

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