Happy (almost) Valentines Day!

It’s almost the day that celebrates love and caring. If you are strapped for time or don’t want to wait in line at the mall or local flower shop; try getting your love bug a gift from Safeway! No really, Safeway has got the goodies from flower arrangements to boxes of chocolates and even stuffed animals! The roses are colorful and at a pretty good price with your club card. At the Starbucks kiosk, you can pick up some V-Day items that have gone on sale for the special day. We have a few cute red and white mugs or a hearts tumbler that changes color. If you are thinking about getting something for that sweet tooth the bakery has hand dipped chocolate strawberries that are huge! I also recommend a slice of artisan carrot cake… it is amazing!

Lots of Love!

-girl in pigtails       

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