Phase 2: the NC Saga Continues…

First the tint:

During a morning walk, Mr. Awesome boyfriend and I found Kar Tunes. We are their first walk-in customers. 😀 They do mostly car up grades and window tinting. They set up an appointment for the next day and finished in a few hours. For the two sides and the rear, the tint was about $200. For another $100 they also tinted my markers and tales with Oracle 8300 (purple) which we already purchased.  They did a great job and I highly recommend them.


front tint

Then, the front dam, grille, horn, and daytime running lights.

With a little research, we found the best way to take off the front bumper. It took about 20min to get it off. If you don’t have a ratcheting wrench, go get one! It will make your life easier. We went to Lowes to get black plexi dip in a spray and painters tape. We sprayed the area were the daytime running lights are going to be mounted. It dried while we ran some errands and took the bumper off.

The front dam was a little tricky to get on. There was some light drilling involved but once complete it looks awesome! The lights were mounted with 3m VHB tape (Mount the brackets prior to painting, else the tape will not stick correctly.). This tape is better than nails! The grille we got from and the dams we got from The grille we painted with the same Dupi Color purple we used on the other purple pieces.

The cold air intake was easy to replace. The instructions came with the new intake and it had pictures! I decided on the chrome look and I am glad I did because you can see it through the grille. So far, it feels like the Miata can breath easier. The daytime running lights are pretty easy to wire but it helps to have a multi meter. We got one at Wal-Mart for less than $10.

Because the bumper was already off, it made it so easy to install the horn and new head lights. These are small features but they are important in safety. The pervious post showed the difference between a stock horn and a Nautilus horn. Check it out!

adding grill and lights

close up             grill

The whole picture:

Once all back together we had to go for a test drive…

car          me   car

full car

We still have the rear dam to install and the “eye” lids. Then, once tax money comes in… it will be time for the suspension.

-girl in pigtails

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  1. Brie Cook says:

    Love your new car !! XOXOX ! – Brie

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