Control Set-Up #StarCitizen

There are a lot of people who say “how you bind your buttons to your equipment is personal,” and it should be set up to individual needs. But you know what… if someone asks for your set up… why not give it to them?

If someone is asking, they are either new or not comfortable with the controls. I think telling people what actions I have bound to my equipment is essential in keeping players engaged.

Once they have a template to use then, by all means, change the set up to your needs. The set up template is not a secret!

Also, by using a template (as I show here) it helps re-enforce your memory which is the ultimate goal. If you’re too busy pressing all the button because you don’t remember them, you lose the fun aspect.

I will have one GiP Stick Layout that shows my controls and one that is a Blank Stick Layout that you can use to fill in for your own use. Both will be downloadable.


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