Life During COVID

It has been strange times living through the COVID pandemic. I went on maternity leave November 2019 and had a healthy baby boy. Maternity leave ended 8 weeks later, and I was back to work in Jan 2020. News started hitting that COVID was sweeping the globe. It didn’t hit me that it was a life changing event until my work told me I had to stay home. It was bitter sweet. I got to spend time with my new baby but life was changing by the second. Mask mandates, stay at home orders… it was surreal. It still is.. a year later we are still cautious wearing masks, hand sanitizing every second, staying 6ft apart of another. Hope has regenerated with vaccinations coming out but still life is anything but normal. I emptied my bag for work… everything is normal besides the disposable mask, cloth mask, mask guard, and sanitizer wipes. Thank goodness we have been healthy the past year.

I wear my masks every time I leave the house and use hand sanitizer religiously. Besides work, I only leave the house to go grocery shopping or doctor appointments. Thank goodness for Twitch Streaming and Netflix!

Life will return to normal, it will just take time… stay safe everyone! 😷


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